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Accepting Credit Cards Expands Business

Credit card purchases account for most retail sales - accepting credit cards is a business opportunity. US Business Finance Corp places all types of accounts: retail, mail order, telephone order, Internet, or government.

Apply For Merchant Account

Applying for a merchant credit card processing service account is the same as for an unsecured credit line. US Business Finance assists business owners apply for low risk to high risk accounts.

Helping New Businesses

US Business Finance educates merchants on how to set up and use credit card processing system. Our team specializes in helping accounts that have not previously taken credit cards payments.

Apply For a Merchant Credit Card Processing Account

Applying for a merchant credit card account is similar to applying for an unsecured line of credit. Why applying for a merchant account makes dollars and sense is that most business is transacted with the use of credit cards.

With the inherent level of risk in providing a merchant account, financial institutions subject all applications to underwriting. Underwriting is the process by which the risk posed by a particular merchant is evaluated the credit card account provider determines whether they will assume that account's risk and at what rate.

US Business Finance understands the underwriting process and helps merchants successfully apply and, more especially, be a successful user of credit card processing services.

standard merchant card processing    high risk merchant credit card processing

Apply for your merchant credit card processing.

Standard Merchant Credit Card Processing Application

Use our standard merchant credit card processing application of low risk and medium risk business situations. Examples of low risk small businesses are restaurant, grocery store, department stores, dry cleaners, cigar store, book store, café, or movie theater. Our objective is to keep this credit card application process simple and beneficial for you and your business.

High risk credit card processing for small businesses

High Risk Merchant Credit Card Processing Application

Merchants in the high risk profile category should expect to get declined by most credit card processing companies unless they advertise that they approve high risk businesses. US Business Finance Corp is expert in the merchant account industry, able to place accounts with a number of banks and able to process your application and give you the highest chance for approval.

Determine your business is a high risk credit card account

How to Determine if You Need a High Risk Merchant Account

Banks determine merchant accounts as high risk if they can't prove:

  1. 2 years in business
  2. 100% card swipe (person is with the card and able to sign the receipt)
  3. Store Front
  4. Good credit

If you are high risk, US Business Finance has experience helping businesses get medium and high risk merchant accounts.

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