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Credit card purchases account for most retail sales - accepting credit cards is a business opportunity. US Business Finance Corp places all types of accounts.

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US Business Finance assists business owners apply for merchant credit card accounts: low risk to high risk .

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US Business Finance educates merchants on how to set up and use credit card processing system. Our team specializes in helping new accounts succeed.

Credit Card Processing: General Questions and Answers

How does merchant credit card process work?

Currently there are over several hundred credit card processor throughout the country. This provides connectivity between you the merchant through a small piece of hardware known as a terminal or Point-of-Sales equipment (POS). This equipment communicates with different computers to determine if the card holder has enough credit on their card to accommodate the potential sales transaction.

Each time a person swipes a credit or debit card to pay for a meal, buy clothing, or to handle the costs of any range of services, a series of events occurs:

  • Initially, the transaction is sent to the processor via a secure channel.
  • From the processor, the data is sent to a bank where the transaction is approved and the money is then sent to the processor, who sends it (minus any applicable fees) to the merchant.
  • The transaction is then shown as a debt to the balance or limit on the customer's card.

How does a credit card processor work with a Cash Advance business like US Business Finance Corporation?

The funding company reviews all of the current credit card transactions activity and determines, with the business owner, how much they will need to return back to the funding company to repay for the Advance accepted by the Merchant.

It is also important to note that you can often switch processors if you discover a better deal, or need to make adjustments. Switching your processor may or may not require additional hardware or software, but in most cases, it is very quick and easy to accommodate.

We work with several leading credit card processors to provide the level of service and competitive rates our customers demand. Through our unique funding products and our processor relationships, we are able to provide the working capital many small business owners need to be competitive.