Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Raising Operating Capital – to Borrow or Sell or Cash Advance?

Raising operating capital usually presents two financing options: taking on debt or selling equity – each with its benefits and trade-offs. US Business Finance Corp has worked with business owners with a third option – business cash advances that better prepares businesses for presenting their business plan to investors and for applying and securing business […]

Comparing Business Cash Advances To Business Loans

Alternative financing has introduced business cash advances as a viable and competitive alternative to¬† traditional business loans. Comparing business cash advances to business loans is like comparing apples to oranges, there are general similarities, but great differences when looking at the specifics of the financing. A traditional business loan takes time to process and gain […]

Preparing Your Business Plan for Financing

Many facts and figures go into your business plan, but key areas are examined first by lenders or investors before they provide your business financing. If these key areas pass muster, then your secondary information is important. Making sure your business plan covers these key areas well and presenting it in the way lenders are […]

Turning A Company Weakness Into A Marketing Strength

The nature of business is, similar to life, change and adaptation to that change. As markets, competition and business opportunities change, companies need to not depend on their past marketing strengths, but adapt to the markets changes. An overlooked way to bolster your marketing and insure strong sales in the future (and stay one step […]

Small Business Entrepreneurs Learn From Franchise Model

As an small business entrepreneur, accelerate your success by modeling certain aspects of your business after the franchise business model. US Business Finance Corp has helped many small businesses succeed and in our experience whether a business is a franchise or an independent small business enterprise is not the determinant for success. More important to […]

What Is Your Business Exit Plan?

“What is your exit plan, your exit strategy?” The question from the bank’s loan officer caught one entrepreneur by surprise. He suddenly realized that his business plan assumed that he was immortal and business would always continue as normal. The next day, an investor asked him about exit strategy, however, he had a different reason […]