Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Cash Advances Prove Beneficial Florist Shop Financing

Florists Use Cash Advances As Working Capital

Florist shops usually discover the benefits of business cash advances after getting turned down for traditional bank financing. The florist industry is rather cyclical with extremely busy seasons, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the year-end holidays. However, this cyclical nature can wreak havoc with the off-season cash flow and scare away bankers who prefer the very predictable over the very profitable and risky.

The florist industry has turned to alternative financing, such as business cash advances, to meet their financial needs during down cycles of cash flow. Business cash advances are a natural fit for florist shops since so many of their sales are by Visa and MasterCard. The higher the average monthly volume of credit card sales, the higher the amount of cash advance your flower shop will qualify for.

US Business Finance Corp offers florist shops our cash advance financing with the following benefits:

  • Fast approval – 24 hour or less;
  • No security interest against your accounts receivables;
  • No personal guarantee by the florist shop’s owner;
  • No florist shop or personal assets used as collateral;
  • Available to florist shops that can not qualify for standard bank financing; and
  • Financing can be used to meet any of your florist shop’s cash flow needs.

Our approval rate for florist shops is very high! Upon approval, we usually can fund florist shops by electronically transfer the cash advance to their company bank account in less than ten business days. Without any checks to send, coupons to mail or financial reports to send, you can better concentrate on creating beautiful arrangements and making your customers’ day. Your cash advance is automatically repaid from a percentage of your clients’ Visa and MasterCard payments. The monthly payment amount varies depending on the amount of your credit card receipts. During busy seasons, your advances are paid off faster.

When cash flow emergencies arise, we know that time is of the essence to meet your bills on time. US Business Finance Corp strives to assist our florist shop clients to get their cash advances approved and funded as fast as possible. Getting a traditional bank loan to fund your florist shop as fast as our business cash advances is just not possible.

Contact us at US Business Finances Corp to see how quickly your florist shop can obtain approval for your business cash advance to keep your florist shop’s financial outlook rosy!

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