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Benefits of Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances - Faster, Better, Easier, Smarter

Pre-approval within 24 Hours      No Personal Guarantees
Cash within 7 Working Days      No Collateral
No Liens      No Fees      No Points
Apply in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Improved Cash Flow - Repaid Through a Percentage of Your Future VISA/MasterCard Receipts.
You Pay Us Only When You Make a Sale

State-of-the-Art Processing Systems To Maximize Cash Advance Transaction Security


The fast-track to success for a new business is a healthy cash flow. In a small business cash will be measured through:

  • Day -To-Day Operations
  • Personal Cash or Other Investor sources
  • Traditional Institutional Borrowing - Bank Debt financing or Stock issues

Traditionally, cash flow can be maintained through small business loans and financing. However, when cash runs out, it becomes very tough to stay afloat. Getting a business loan at the beginning is much easier than trying to get one when cash dries up and you really need it.

Trying to secure financing during tough times is difficult because lenders usually assume you don't have the capacity to fulfill the terms of the loan. Getting a loan without the required collateral, even an SBA loan, is very difficult. When a tight cash situation occurs, resourceful business owners often turn to unsecured cash advance funding. A business cash advance is secured on nothing, in that no collateral is needed. Company cash advances are issued on your credit history, the volume of your existing credit card receipt processing, and your repayment potential.


An unsecured cash advance makes getting money easier and more accessible. The approval process does not take nearly as long as a loan application process and the requirements for approval are much more flexible.

Over the past several years, business cash advances have gained wide acceptance in the small business community. They have high popularity because so many entrepreneurs have found they can trust the process to provide quick access to cash. A company cash advance is a safe and reliable alternative to traditional business funding.

  • Does Not Affect Your Ability to Qualify for Other Types of Financing
  • Use Your Cash Advance for Any Business Purpose
  • Customer Support Available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year

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