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Credit Card Processors

The World of Standard Credit Card Processing

Business owners applying for a merchant credit card processing service account will find that it is similar to applying for an unsecured credit line. Due to the level of risk involved, a merchant credit card account is subject to underwriting. Underwriting is the due diligence process by which US Business Finance Corp and its network of lending institutions evaluate the particular risk posed by a merchant's business and financial track record. From the underwriting due diligence, we determine whether we will assume that risk, and if so, at what rate.

The theory behind underwriting accounts is actually fairly simple to understand. Once you understand how you, as a business owner are scrutinized, you will understand what documentation and history you need to best position your business. Lets look at the basic level of risk in that underwriting will place your business: low risk.

Low risk accounts are merchant businesses where the customer's credit card is swiped through a machine during the transaction and the receipt is signed by the card holder. In short, the customer pays for and receives the service or product the time of the purchase. Should any conflict over price or product quality or quantity arise, the business owner or the manager has an opportunity to resolve the issue to the consumer's satisfaction prior to their departure from the store or restaurant. Examples of low risk businesses are:

  • Restaurants and grocery stores
  • Department stores and book stores
  • Dry cleaners
  • Cigar stores and cafĂ©'s
  • Movie Theaters

Low risk businesses have small to medium size sales receipts, usually $100.00 or less. The lower the receipt total, the lower is the likelihood that the buyer will dispute a transaction. An exception is fine dining establishments which often have larger tickets, but are still considered low risk because the restaurant patron and the restaurateur will usually resolve any dispute before the patron exits the premise. Accounts that fall into the low risk category are preferable, and will be approved in nearly every circumstance, unless our underwriting process uncovers a history of fraud or other risk.

Credit Card Processing - A Doorway To Greater Sales

US Business Finance Corporation's cash advances to businesses is our specialty line of business. However, on many occasions we are able to provide lower credit card processing services to our merchants and small business owner clients. We evaluate every merchant's individual business situation to determine the solution that will best meet his needs. Our philosophy is to build a large volume of business by saving each merchant we work with the most money we can while still providing an excellent standard of service. Often times we find that we can save a merchant over $150 every month just on credit card processing fees.

We work with merchants in all lines of business, whether they are new or established, a low risk or high risk, have accepted credit cards for years or are just beginning to consider accepting credit cards. There are no upper or lower limits on the monthly volume of credit card sales the merchant must do.

Contact us about our merchant credit card services, which includes both standard and high risk credit card processing situations. We have taken the time to build our organization to handle your VISA and MasterCard processing needs through a "one stop shop" attitude for your convenience. We will always earn the right to ask for referrals only after you are completely satisfied with our service.

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